Marisa Bono

J.D. CEO, Every Texan

Marisa Bono

Lifelong social justice advocate and thought leader Marisa Bono joined Austin-based Every Texan as Executive Director in 2021. She is a licensed attorney and has specific policy expertise in social equity as it relates to education, immigration, voting rights, and political access. Marisa is the first woman of color to serve as Every Texan’s Executive Director. Marisa has extensive experience as a civil rights lawyer and public servant such as serving as Southwest Regional Counsel for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) and being the first Latina to argue a school funding case in the Texas Supreme Court.

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11:00 AM

Politics and Law | Women Belong Where Decisions are Made

Join us to explore concepts of gender, politics, and power, and related concepts such as intersectionality, patriarchy, sexism, and stereotypes. We turn our attention to two arenas in which gender and politics interact in the US: social and political movements and women as political actors. Examine how women negotiate movements and how gender shapes structure, tactics, and outcomes for both women’s movements (e.g., suffrage, feminist, conservative, #metoo) and other movements (such as the Progressive and civil rights movements).

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