Texas Slammed with Deadly Ice Storm

LULAC Needs Your Help for Victims Left in Freezing Cold

The situation in Texas is dire and officials say it will take weeks before conditions return to normal.

“As Texas LULAC State Director, I want to thank in advance all the people who are answering our urgent plea for help,” say Rodolfo Rosales Jr. “The conditions these past few days are unimaginable and we pray emergency aid will reach those most vulnerable as quickly as possible.

Twenty people have died in Texas from hypothermia and other effects of freezing weather. Electricity has been intermittent for millions leaving people trapped in their homes without power for heating or a way to cook meals. Major water supplies have gone dry as sources and pipelines have frozen.

“We urgently appeal for help in this crisis,” says Sindy Benavides, LULAC National Chief Executive Officer. “There are seniors alone in frigid darkness, patients at home who require electricity for medical equipment and children who can’t endure these conditions,” she adds.

The situation has also led to alerts for residents to boil all remaining drinking water. Many food stores and gas stations are unable to meet the demand for essential items or fuel.

Please help us rush assistance to the worst affected areas of Texas. Donate what you can and ask others to do the same.

We can each make a difference and any amount helps.

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