Carolina Yvette Mejia, Sr. Diabetes Care Specialist, Novo Nordisk

Carolina Yvette Mejia

I am a bilingual certified diabetes care and education specialist and Registered Dietitian with 9 years’ experience in pharmaceutical and device industry and over 16 years’ in health care. I am an expert in diabetes management and the competitive market of pharmacological treatments available. I have proficient knowledge of population health systems, formulary coverage and key stakeholders within the community.

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Thursday, September 2

1:45 PM EST

Spotlight-Latina Representation in STEM & Health Fields

Lead, Inspire, Mentor -- Latinas in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are leading the way for the next generation of scientists who will cure cancer, innovate technological integrations, discover and engineer with sustainability in mind, and solve the challenging problems of tomorrow. Let's join efforts to inspire and mentor more Latinxs to accelerate representation in the STEM and health professions.

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