LULAC Virtual Summit 2020

Welcome Message from LULAC National President

Dear LULAC Family,

Thank you for being part of the LULAC Virtual Summit. We are facing very real threats and the best way to defend ourselves is to be informed and to stay connected, working together. This year, we will are meeting online to discuss some of the critical areas affecting our lives.

The COVID-19 pandemic is hitting the Latino community harder than any other group in our country. Again, Jose y Maria are the ones who are facing the dangers of each day the same way our parents and grandparents did. They don’t complain and they can’t stop. They are the essential breadwinners in their family and if they don’t go to work, they don’t eat and won’t have a roof over their heads.

This is the reality facing millions in our communities as 35% of all the coronavirus infections are Latinos and too many of those are dying, young, and old alike. LULAC is fighting hard to help protect Latino workers and to improve access to health care for our people.

We are also facing another danger right now. It is bad cops who are killing our young men on the streets as if law enforcement is judge, jury, and executioner. We support the need for public safety and our police but we can’t remain silent when our community is gunned down unarmed on their knees or shot in the back when they pose no danger to the officers. LULAC is going to announce a new way we will fight this deadly trend.

Then, there’s the death of Vanessa Guillen and other soldiers in the U.S. Army who are victims of abuse or worse and the military needs to make changes now. We met with the Secretary of the Army and agreed to set up a new investigation panel plus we are demanding congressional hearings. LULAC’s goal is to make sure our soldiers are safe within their ranks and we need your voice to help us.

Last and as important, LULAC is actively leading the way in changing America’s meatpacking industry to make sure our thousands of workers are protected from COVID-19 while they keep our nation’s food pipeline going. We will be sharing with you what we are doing with the nation’s largest meatpacking companies and how we can help keep our community safe in this pandemic.

Again, we welcome you. Please feel free to share your ideas and what other actions you believe LULAC can and should be taking to make a difference. Of course, the biggest way is to have our voice heard loud and clear November 3rd so let’s be sure to register to vote and urge our family and friends to do the same.

I look forward to a successful LULAC 2020 National Virtual Summit as we again make history in civil rights for Latinos in the United States.

Hasta la Victoria!

Domingo Garcia

National President