Webinar Series

Youth Educational Enrichment Series Program (YEES) is a series of webinars featuring STEAM-focused workshops, academic and career development, essential life skills, and leadership skill-building. The program exposes students to Verizon volunteer role models through webinars and coaching activities.

Creating a Resume

This webinar will outline the components of an effective resume that reflects a job candidate’s skills, knowledge, and education that are relevant to the position of interest. Students will learn how to tailor a resume to a specific job posting, understand the do’s and don’ts of what to include in a resume, and acquire strategies to highlight their unique experiences to stand out to hiring managers.

Financial Wellbeing

This webinar will equip students with valuable tools to take control of their money and pursue and maintain financial wellness. Students will learn to create a realistic budget, plan for large purchases, establish investment and savings goals, and manage their money responsibly.

Credit Score Basics

This webinar will guide students through the world of credit and how it is used in their everyday lives. Students will learn why a credit score is important, the factors that contribute to their credit report, how to start building credit, and the strategies and best practices to maintain a healthy score. They will also gain a better understanding of the impacts credit scores can have outside of their finances, such as leasing an apartment or obtaining a new job.

Networking 101

This webinar will provide insight on the importance of networking and making new connections. Students will learn to present themselves professionally, communicate effectively, and build strong relationships in an online and offline world.

Being an Impactful Leader

This webinar will explore the art of leadership by analyzing various leadership styles and characteristics. Students will understand the role of leadership in their personal, academic, and professional lives, with a strong focus on team building, conflict resolution, and collaboration.

How to be an Agent of Change

This webinar will highlight the importance of being agents of change by serving others and our communities. Students will learn the foundations of social impact projects and understand how to build a plan to create an impact in their local communities.

Social Media Professionalism

This webinar will explore the real-world impacts of social media usage and the importance of social media professionalism. Gain insight on how to use social media to establish your personal brand and online presence as well as grow your professional network.

Higher Education Planning

This webinar will explore the various pathways to pursuing higher education including 4-year universities, community colleges, vocational/trade schools, certification programs, etc. Students will better understand the implications of each path, covering the costs, and finding resources while creating an action plan that helps them meet their individual goals.

Preparing for a Job Interview

This webinar will delve into the strategies and best practices to prepare for a job interview. Students will learn how to make an impression by building their personal brand, presenting themselves professionally, and answering interview questions effectively.

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