No Human Being is Illegal

No Human is Illegal

LULAC leads a broad coalition of civil rights groups seeking bipartisan support for legislation that provides a permanent solution to immigration. Any new legislation, we believe, must include a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, stops the abuses in the asylum process and provide necessary funding for border security.

LULAC is working non-stop to help undocumented workers, many of them Latino, arrested early Wednesday in one of the largest raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), this time targeting a technology plant in Allen, Texas.

It's time to pass Immigration Reform once for all.

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Tell Congress: No Human Being Is Illegal

It’s time for Congress to pass Immigration Reform once and for all.

Dreamers and their families are tired of living in fear. We are tired of waiting for yet another day, month, year or more for a comprise in Congress. We refuse to be used as political piñatas for another election cycle or worse yet to be forced to wait until after 2020.

We demand a pathway to citizenship and legalization for our families now.