Protect Opportunity. Save Pell. Share Your Story.

Protect Opportunity. Save Pell. Share Your Story.

Over the next few weeks Congress will try to finalize a budget deal, and Pell grants are shockingly on the chopping block. Yet, for decades, Pell grants have helped millions of low-income Americans pay for college. We need your help to save Pell and make sure that America continues to keep the dream of a college education alive.

Tell us if you received a Pell grant and how it helped you. Maybe your Pell award makes going to college possible, or reduced your student debt. We want to hear from you, even if you didn't get a Pell grant, write us a message about why you think the program is important.

Cutting Pell grants would hit almost 9.6 million students who receive them--for many, these cuts will literally mean they cannot go to college.

The more personal stories we have from students who receive Pell grants, the better we can drive our point home to Congress.

Young people need access to an affordable, high quality education. The Pell Grant provides crucial funding for millions of low and middle-income students to pay for tuition, books, and other higher education expenses.

Stand up and make your voice heard to save Pell!

For any questions please contact: Iris Maria Chavez, Education Policy Coordinator,

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