LULAC Hosts Immigration Reform Town Hall in Virginia

July 29, 2013

Contact: Paloma Zuleta, pzuleta at, (202) 812-4477

Washington, D.C. - The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and the Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Action (HOLA) hosted an immigration town hall at the Northern Virginia Community College in Woodbridge, Virginia. The focus of the town hall was to educate and engage the Latino community in the fight for comprehensive immigration reform.

In Virginia, the immigrant population is an important and vibrant part of the community. For this reason, U.S. Senator Mark Warner participated in the immigration town hall along with local community leaders, and immigration experts. In the past several months, in collaboration with partner organizations, LULAC has hosted over 60 such immigration town halls across the country.

“I really appreciated this chance to participate in our roundtable with Latino business and community leaders,” Senator Warner said. “This is a historic moment and the best chance in 35 years we’ve had to fix our broken immigration system. It’s vital to stay engaged with the Virginia’s vibrant and growing immigrant community to hear their concerns.”

Latino voters played a decisive role in the 2012 elections, and as a result the political power of the Hispanic community was clearly established. Now, using its political strength, the Hispanic community calls for reform to immigration laws. The community will bring its efforts to pass immigration reform in the House of Representatives and bring over 11 million immigrants out of the shadows.

According to National LULAC Executive Director, Brent Wilkes, “Despite the present challenges, passage of comprehensive immigration reform is vital to the Latino community and we will continue to fight for its passage. Town hall meetings such as this empower individuals within our community to advocate for this much needed reform.”

About LULAC:
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