LULAC Calls for Senate to Consider Latino and Immigrant Fairness Act

Contact: Scott Gunderson Rosa, (202) 833-6130
For Immediate Release: August 10, 2000

Washington, D.C. ­ The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) today urges the U.S. Senate to pass the Latino and Immigrant Fairness Act - S.2912 (LIFA). This legislation would positively impact the lives of over 350,000 people and begin to correct the negative impact of immigration legislation passed in 1986 and 1996.

"The passage of the Latino and Immigrant Fairness Act by Congress would be proof positive that the campaign promises being made by both sides of the aisle are not just rhetoric to attract the Latino vote," said Rick Dovalina, LULAC National President. "It would demonstrate that Latinos are respected and would acknowledge their ongoing contributions to this great nation."

The Latino and Immigrant Fairness Act calls for:

* A change in the registry date from 1972 to 1986 that would alleviate some of the hardships created by regularizing the status of a significant number of people who were wrongfully prevented from applying for permanent residency in 1986. * The Central American and Haitian Parity segment would give immigrants from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Haiti the same rights to adjustment that immigrants from Nicaragua and Cuba received in the NACARA Act of 1997 ­ immigrants who were invited into the United States because they were supportive of this country during the Cold War. * Section 245(i) promotes family values because it allows for families to stay together while they wait for the processing of their permanent residence status.

"This can be a 'win-win' situation for all parties," Dovalina added. "Businesses would have a readily accessible pool of workers, tax revenues would increase, families could stay together, and not one American would be negatively affected. It is the just and moral thing to do."

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) is the oldest and largest Latino civil rights organization in the United States. LULAC advances the economic condition, educational attainment, political influence, health, and civil rights of Hispanic Americans through community-based programs operating at more than 700 LULAC councils nationwide.

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