Domestic Terrorist Attacks Latinos in Racial Attack

Nation’s Oldest & Largest Civil Rights Organization Says President Trump Fueling Deadly White Hate in America

El Paso Shooting

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Washington, D.C. – The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) today declared the mass killing of 20 people and wounding of 26 others in El Paso a blatant act of racial hatred against Latinos in the United States and blamed President Trump for deliberately feeding into the anti-immigrant frenzy and white supremacist violence.

National LULAC will hold a press conference tomorrow, Sunday, August 4, 2019 with other civil rights leaders, at 12pm MT/2pm ET, in front of the Federal Courthouse, 525 Magoffin Ave, El Paso, TX 79901.

The following statement was issued today by Domingo Garcia, National President for the League of United Latin American Citizens:

"Once again, senseless gun violence strikes at the heart of another American community. We are shocked and saddened by this senseless and brutal attack of domestic terrorism, and we wish to express our deepest condolences to everyone who has been affected by this tragedy.

From a review of the shooter's social media posts and his so-called manifesto, the murders appear to be motivated by hate. Innocent Latinos were targeted today, and those killed were innocent mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. Today's heinous act, like so many in the last few years, is not a random hate crime; it is domestic terrorism motived by ethnic hatred.

The xenophobic hate speech of President Trump continues to fan the flames of hatred in this country. And today, President Trump's xenophobic rhetoric and policies inspired the killing of innocent women, children, and men at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas.

LULAC is not and will not politicize this horrific tragedy.  However, we have an obligation to our membership and to our community to call out hate and injustice. We will not stand by while our Latino sisters and brothers, or any American, continues to be endangered by this President and his Administration.

Today, LULAC calls for the immediate convening of a FBI Special Task Force for Hate Crime Domestic Terrorism in the United States. Words, investigations, and short news cycles on mass shootings, will no longer suffice. Only resolve and action to curtail the sale of firearms meant for war will keep America safe from unstable civilians inspired by President Trump's racial hatred.

Our membership is diverse: we are Democrats, Republicans, card carrying NRA members and gun control supporters alike. But we all agree that the xenophobic hate speech of President Trump continues to fan the flames of racial, ethnic and religious hatred in this country. The senseless hate killings in America must end now.

In the interim, LULAC is calling our members and fellow citizens to donate blood at their nearest Red Cross facility. We are setting up a Victims Fund to assist the families of the victims with burial and medical expenses, and will have details soon. 100% of the proceeds will go to the families. Please keep them in your prayers tonight."

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