LULAC Says Thank You To America’s Veterans

Washington, DC – Throughout our great country today we have an important reason to come together and express our heartfelt appreciation to those who serve in military uniform. They are the guardians of our freedom and the soldiers willing to place themselves in harm’s way to ensure that America endures as a land of life and liberty for us and the generations to follow.

“Latino veterans are and have always been there to serve our country and defend our freedoms,” says Domingo Garcia, National President. “Many are unsung heroes but who nonetheless, have given much to our country during their brave service. Afterward, they returned home to raise their families, start businesses and to continue fighting, this time for the civil rights of all in America. We salute you!” adds Garcia.

Roman Palomares, Chairman, LULAC Military and Veterans Affairs Committee is himself a veteran and now serves as Chief of Staff for President Garcia. “We honor our veterans, celebrate their service and say with deep gratitude, thank you,” he states. “Often, we forget that the men and women who wear a military uniform make enormous personal sacrifices including having to be away from their loved ones for extended tours of duty and putting their own lives on hold, never knowing whether they will even return home. Yet, they do so willingly and because of their utmost dedication to the higher principles of duty to God and country,” adds Palomares.

“Today is also about urging our nation to bring home America’s veterans who have been deported. At this moment, standing alone and feeling forgotten, they can only gaze across a border fence, towards the land they help defend while our leaders continue embroiled in political debate about a dysfunctional immigration and justice system,” states Palomares. “LULAC believes strongly turning our back on these soldiers is a travesty and must be addressed as a priority in 2019 so that we restore the honor to these brave veterans,” he adds.

More than 40-million Americans have served in the military since our nation’s founding and today there are 1.3 million men and women in uniform with nearly half-a-million stationed overseas in 150 countries. Often, these soldiers are deployed for up to a year in an assignment far away from their homes and everything familiar to them including the food, music, language and culture they know.

“These may seem like small things to many of us who have never experienced it but believe me, soldiers miss what they’re used to and have perhaps taken for granted,” says Palomares. “When military members finally come home, they have a deeper appreciation for how precious America is as well as how much we love our families and care about our neighbors, friends and even those we may not know. We realize how connected we are as a people,” adds Palomares.

LULAC encourages our members to attend a Veterans Day Parade, visit a VA hospital, unfurl and proudly display an American flag, reach out to a veteran you know or simply say thank you to a military service member we might see.

“Being an American veteran isn’t about war or conflict, although we may be called upon to face that too,” says Palomares. “It is about safeguarding the peace and helping to make sure that our nation remains a country where people can live free of fear and that their families can thrive and prosper. LULAC is proud to stand with them and together, we shall continue to defend and fight for the principles upon which our nation is founded,” he concludes.


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