LULAC: Migrants Deported By Trump Administration Have Been Killed Upon Returning To Dangerous Conditions In Home Country

Nation’s Oldest & Largest Latino Civil Rights Organization Responds to the Latest Human Rights Watch Report Showing that More Than 200 People Deported from the U.S. Have Been Harmed or Killed Upon Returning to El Salvador

Washington, DC - The League of United Latin American (LULAC) responded to the Human Rights Watch (HRW) report released today showing that more than 200 people deported from the United States have been harmed or killed upon returning to the dangerous conditions which they fled. In the 117-page report titled, “Deported to Danger: United States Deportation Policies Expose Salvadorans to Death and Abuse,” HRW identifies the cases of 138 Salvadorans who were killed after deportation from the US. In addition to those killed, more than 70 others were beaten, sexually assaulted, extorted, or tortured.

LULAC National President Domingo Garcia and LULAC CEO Sindy Benavides released the following statements in response to the findings in this report:

“The blood of at least 150 innocent people is on President Trump’s hands for shutting America’s doors and sending back refugees who died because they were turned away based on a brutal immigration policy,” said Domingo Garcia, LULAC National President. “Donald Trump and all of his enablers need to look in the mirror and realize that they are responsible for the beating, torture, extortion, sexual assault and death of hundreds of people who were sent back to the places they left out of fear for their lives. This will be a stain on America’s history, much like when the U.S. refused to accept Jewish refugees traveling on the M.S. St. Louis during WWII and they were sent back to Europe to die in Nazi concentration camps.”

“The Trump Administration makes it nearly impossible for Central Americans to seek refuge here from violence and death because of the xenophobic policies put in place by this White House,” said Sindy Benavides, LULAC National CEO. “Let us not forget that America has thrived because we have always welcomed refugees and immigrants of diverse backgrounds who seek safety. LULAC is deeply concerned regarding the findings in this report and will continue to fight for the rights of those seeking asylum in our nation.”

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