Latino Leaders Stand with The President in Urging Congress to Act on Healthcare Reform

January 27, 2010

Contact: Estuardo Rodriguez, (202) 631-2892
Vanessa Ramirez,, (213) 236-3751
Lizette Olmos,, (202) 213-1293

WASHINGTON, DC – Latinos United for Healthcare (LUH), a coalition of national Latino civil rights and advocacy organizations, leaders and community advocates united in support of comprehensive healthcare reform is calling upon Congress to continue with the passage of significant healthcare reform.

Tonight, President Obama made it clear, every minute that goes by hardworking families, most importantly, children lose much needed health care insurance. Among them, the Latino community stands as having the highest percentage of uninsured. In this day and age, it is unacceptable for our nation to delay this issue one day longer.

Most importantly, this should not be a partisan issue, as it has been played out. Given the recent election in Massachusetts, LUH would like to encourage all members of Congress, regardless of party affiliation to make history by providing the long overdue healthcare reform that Americans deserve.

Our work as a coalition remains undone and LUH will continue to serve at the forefront of the healthcare reform debate. As negotiations move forward, LUH will ensure that Congress does not forget the unique needs of our nation's second largest population, Latinos. While we would like these needs addressed, we cannot even begin to discuss them if the process dies and another generation of American families goes without basic healthcare.

We urge our leaders in Congress to heed the words of President Obama and work towards a final compromise on healthcare reform legislation. A compromise that we hope is inclusive of our principles and which will benefit all Latinos and all Americans across the United States and its territories.

Latinos United for Healthcare (LUH) is a nonpartisan coalition of national, state and local Hispanic leaders and organizations that support the passage of significant healthcare reform that increases access to affordable, quality health coverage for all. For more information visit

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