LULAC Supports Advancing The Debate To End Deadlock

Washington, DC - Domingo Garcia, National President of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Saturday issued this statement:

“Today, 800,000 federal workers and 2-million DACA and TPS recipients are being held as political hostages. It’s time to free them from this government gridlock. Free the federal employees, DACA and TPS hostages without further delay. We must end the stalemate, put people back to work with pay and negotiate an agreement that acknowledges the value and contributions of the immigrant community!

Today’s announcement can only be a genuine and meaningful step if it advances the debate towards addressing serious policy inequities which still exist. A priority for us is guaranteeing a pathway for citizenship for DACA and TPS holders with legal residence. Also, an unequivocal and clear commitment with a firm deadline for bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform, not simply more debate with no solutions.

Equally important, to end the refugee crisis on the border, it’s time for the U.S. to work on developing a Marshall Plan with humanitarian relief for Central America to stop the flow of refugees from those nations to our border. This investment will do what a wall never could and is a far more effective and lasting option.

LULAC calls upon all its members nationwide and all citizens to contact your Representative in the House and your Senators. Urge them to come to an amicable compromise to end the government shutdown now. LULAC strongly believes an acceptable plan must contain the following essential elements.

  • Permanent resident status for DACA recipients with a pathway to citizenship. TPS holders should also be included.
  • Funding for increased border security but with an emphasis on a virtual barrier that focuses on intercepting the flow of illegal drugs and human trafficking.
  • Passage of bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform that provides legalization for undocumented immigrants if they pass a criminal background check, pay a reasonable fine and apply under a new legal process.
  • Develop a new aid package for Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador to help in the economic rebuilding of those countries and assist its citizens by improving security at home rather than fleeing violence and seeking refugee asylum in the United States.

LULAC stands ready to work with both Republicans and Democrats to move this process forward with urgency and to call for its endorsement by millions of Latinos throughout the United States.”

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