LULAC Says Firing Of Houston Police Officers Is The Right First Step

Nation’s Oldest and Largest Latino Civil Rights Organization Demands Case of Nicholas Chavez Killing Now Go to District Attorney

Washington, DC - The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) said today that the termination of the five officers who shot and killed 27-year old Nicolas Chavez while he was on his knees April 21, 2020 is justified but more must be done to deliver justice for taking the life of a suspect who posed no threat to police when his life was taken.

“We agree with the firings and applaud the actions of Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Police Chief Art Acevedo,” said Domingo Garcia, LULAC National President. “However, LULAC now demands that the case be referred immediately to the Harris County District Attorney to seek grand jury indictments against these cops,” added Garcia.

Chavez’ father says his son had a history of mental illness and may have been experiencing a psychotic episode the night he was killed. Police reported the younger Chavez was running in and out of traffic holding a piece of rebar. Officers said when they arrived on the scene, he tried to attack them. However, a 47-second video recorded by an officer’s body cam shows that Chavez was already wounded and on his knees reaching for his chest, possibly for a wire attached to a stun gun stinger, when he was shot and killed.

“The video clearly shows that once again, the life of a Latino holds little value for some officers who resort to using unnecessary and excessive lethal force,” says Garcia. “Our community demands a full investigation into the unlawful killing of Nicolas Chavez and that these officers be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for the crime they committed,” he added.


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