LULAC Salutes Women’s History Month In March

Nation’s Oldest and Largest Latino Civil Rights Organization Says Women Are An Important Presence in the History of the Latino Community

Washington, DC - Several leaders of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) today joined in solidarity recognizing the contributions and transformative changes women have accomplished within the Latino community in the United States. Also, at the forefront of the organization which is regarded as the matriarch of other significant legacy movements in the United States focused on advancing the civil rights and opportunities for Latinos.

Belen Robles - Former LULAC National President
“My words cannot fully express the pride that fills me at this time in our history as Latinas and women of color in our country. The honor of being elected as the first woman to serve as LULAC President laid a cornerstone upon which we continue to build today. Women’s History Month is an opportunity to encourage the present and future generations of great leaders who happen to be female. Do not let anything or anyone stand in your way. Be determined, prepared and ready to answer the call!”

Rosa Rosales - Former LULAC National President
“I stand upon the shoulders of my mother and other great women before me who taught me by example that ganas, the will to do, is a powerful force in every woman. We are the life-givers, the very conscience of our families and we are often the backbone in our community movements in schools, churches and other organizations. Women’s History Month should really be year-long to recognize and honor all the great work females are doing each and every day in America. They deserve our gratitude and support.”

Margaret Moran - Former LULAC National President
“This month, we not only celebrate the women’s achievements during our history, but the work that our frontline workers, caregivers, celebrities and other volunteers are currently doing during this pandemic and the weather related crises in our country. On a personal note, Women’s History Month is a very special time because my election to president of LULAC was an achievement that would not have been possible without the deep values and life experiences my mother sacrificed to provide me.”

Elsie Valdes-Ramos - National Vice-President for Women
“As the highest elected national officer representing women in LULAC, I have the privilege of working with incredibly talented, capable and visionary female leaders. To be alive to see Vice-President Kamala Harris and so many other transformative elected, appointed and corporate leaders who are women is indeed historic. This month, our goal as the LULAC’s Women’s Commission is to highlight many of their stories that can inspire, motivate and affirm even more women to become the leaders they are already within themselves and simply need our support to open the way.”


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