A Journey for Freedom

There is no love greater than that of a mother and father for their child. No matter what the sacrifice, a mother will risk it all, including their own life, so that their sons and daughters have an opportunity to be free

That timeless refrain certainly resonates deeply within my heart and soul every day. I often reflect on what must have been going through my own mother's mind as she made her way al Norte by foot from Honduras.

With every step she took, every breath, no matter how difficult, she held tightly to my little brother's hand in hers.

And in her arms, she carried me, barely a year old. More than 34 years later, it still brings tears to her eyes to talk about the journey. A journey to leave everything behind and trust her faith that no matter how bad the circumstances, she would be with her two children and that both my older brother David and I would have an opportunity to live free of fear, gang threats and thrive in the great country known to all as America.

Today, this continues to be a journey for freedom. A journey to leave persecution, gang violence, and death. Now a mother myself, I am deeply moved by the accounts of other refugee women risking all for their children.

I admire them, love them and share in that burning within their hearts to save their pequeñitos.

This video is but one of these accounts of migrant mothers arriving at our border and asking America to help. What will we as a nation do? What about our own communities? What will you and I do?

Please, take a moment and see the stories for yourself. And join me in taking action. Join LULAC. Donate. Volunteer. Our future depends on it.

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Together We Rise,
Sindy Benavides

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