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Senate Kavanaugh Vote Ignores America’s Majority

Executive and Legislative Branch Politicized Judiciary

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Sindy Benavides, Chief Executive Officer of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Saturday called the 50-48 confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh in the U.S. Senate evidence of a deeply divided country in it’s vision of the future.

“Today’s actions leading up to and including today’s vote confirming Brett Kavanaugh shows voters how dysfunctional our governing process has become in Washington,” stated Benavides. “Irrespective of political party, we must not allow issues which cannot be openly and democratically resolved in Congress to then be decided in the Supreme Court whose rightful role is to interpret existing laws, not make them. It is wrong now for a conservative majority of justices on the court to deny the Constitutionally-guaranteed rights of millions of people in this country including women, children, seniors and immigrants,” she added.

The vote to confirm Kavanaugh came one week after the Senate Judiciary Committee and the White House agreed to call for an FBI investigation into new allegations of sexual misconduct against the nominee. Also, according to a recent Quinnipiac University poll, 48 percent of Americans surveyed believed the allegations against Kavanaugh compared to 41 percent who did not.

“It is clear that the FBI investigation was limited in scope when it failed to interview the victims and key individuals who witnessed firsthand the actions of the nominee,” stated Benavides. “His appointment to our highest court will forever be clouded by the multiple allegations as well as the hastiness with which the majority moved to vote on this nominee,” she added.

Several critical issues impacting millions of individuals are expected to come before the court in the near future. These include abortion, LGBT rights, election rules, gun control and immigration reform. Also, the possible impeachment of President Trump, who selected Kavanaugh to become justice.

“We are witness to unprecedented events in our nation and LULAC reaffirms its commitment to serve as the primary voice for civil rights and social justice on behalf of Latinos,” says Benavides. “We will hold all elected and appointed government officials accountable to do what is right, irrespective of who they are. The real impact of today’s vote will be seen this coming November 6th at the ballot box,” she concluded.

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