Enrique "Rick" Dovalina

Rick Dovalina

LULAC National Past President

46th president - elected at the 1998 convention held Dallas, Texas, and at the 1999 convention held in Corpus Christi, Texas.  DECEASED

The first year of his administration saw the rapid growth of LULAC throughout the nation but especially in Florida and Tennessee. He enjoys visiting LULAC local councils and the grass-root membership. He believes the local grass-root membership is the backbone, the heart, and the true strength of LULAC. He feels that every time he attends a local function he learns something new. Many times, he takes what he learns to national level.

He has taken LULAC's fund raising effort to a higher level by participating in many of the mega-mergers of Corporate America and is close to transforming many LULAC dreams into realities.

He is a stronger believer in grass-root empowerment. He caused the publishing of the LULAC Civil Rights Manual that will hopefully assist local councils in their everyday civil rights work.

His administration is assisting the Texas LULAC organization open a LULAC State office in Austin, Texas. Rick states, "I hope this office will demonstrate to other LULAC state organizations the benefits of having a LULAC presence in each state capital. I am prepared to assist each and every LULAC state organization establish an office in its respective state capital. Can you image the lobbying force that LULAC could have! I may be a dreamer but I believe that this can be accomplished."

He has worked long and hard with many Hispanic and Black organizations. He believes that Blacks and Hispanics must work together and support each others issues.

  • Served as National President of LULAC
  • Led LULAC successfully throught a time of challenge
  • Negotiated for LULAC with a fierce passion
  • Never compromised on civil rights principles
  • Mentored others into becoming LULAC leaders

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