1. LULAC members ask at least 10 of their amigos and familia to join
  2. LULAC members sign up at least 5 of their familia and amigos as Associate [GANAS] Members
  3. 10-15% increase in Associate dues paying members for each Region
  4. Each region collects and submits 5-10 video recordings by SMART phones of new LULAC members who have signed up as Associate [GANAS] Members
  5. Each region collects and submits 20-30 photos of new LULAC members who have signed up as Associate [GANAS] Members


  1. Individual Recognition: Special recognition for individual who signs up the most members at National Convention;
  2. Council Recognition: Special recognition for LULAC Council that signs up the most members at National Convention;
  3. 90 Year Promotion: In celebration of LULAC's 90th year Anniversary, an all expense paid trip to LULAC National Convention - airfare or other transportation costs, hotel, registration and $150 food voucher - for anyone who signs up 90 new Associate [GANAS] members (also any LULAC council that collectively signs-up 90 new Associate members during this time period will be able to send one member with all expenses paid by LULAC National Office)



  1. Weekly check-in calls
  2. Regional conference calls with participating councils
  3. Weekly Updates by Region shared with the National Board
  4. 30 day special recognition promotion on all LULAC outlets (website, e-newsletter, emails)
  5. Workshops or trainings at state LULAC conventions that focus on membership campaign to be organized by National Organizing Director
  6. Conference call or video webinars for members in need of additional training (best practices) and motivation to get this type of work done
  7. Technical support from LULAC National Office to make sure all emails and texts connected to membership campaign are set up and ready to go.

Should you have any questions please contact Randy Parraz, National Organizing Director at

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