Dr. James Helis

Director, U.S. Army’s Resiliency Directorate

Dr. James L Helis

Dr. Jomes A. Helis was appointed to the Senior Executive Service in July 2012. He is currently serving as the Director of the Army Resilience Directorate. In this capacity, he establishes effective strategies, develops plans, and formulates policies for continued improvement of ARD programs. Dr. Helis works with Army and Deportment of Defense Senior Leaders to develop and execute short-term strategies and long-term initiatives to satisfy changing needs in o dynamic, evolving environment supporting Soldiers and Army Families. Prior to this assignment, he served as the Notional Security Counselor to the Assistant Secretory for Aviation and International Affairs, Office of the Secretory of Transportation, Washington, DC. In this capacity he advised the Assistant Secretory on the role of the Deportment of Transportation pertaining to notional security objectives. Additionally, Dr. Helis served as the Superintendent to the United States Merchant Morine Academy for four years. As the Chief Executive Officer for one of America's finest academies, he was responsible for the effective execution of o comprehensive four-year leadership program for cadets' commission as officers in one of the U.S. Armed Forces.

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1:40 PM EST

I Pledge Allegiance to Mental Health: The Brandon Act and (50 mins) Protecting Our Frontline Warriors

Latinos are largely underrepresented across federal government and agencies, except in the military (recent data shows that more than 17% of active-duty personnel are Hispanic). Servicemembers’ dedication to protecting our homeland comes with a steep commitment; physically and mentally. In light of recent headlines surrounding military suicides correlated with the unwarranted stigmas around the reporting of bullying, harassment, and the serious effects to mental health therein – this discussion will center on providing and update on implementation of the Brandon Act. Namely, its intent and impact on the battle against the inequities in mental health support facing Latino military members.

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