Dr. Rodolfo Galindo

Assistant Professor of Medicine at Emory University

Dr. Rodolfo Galindo

Dr. Rodolfo J. Galindo graduated with Summa Cum Laude from the Institute of Medical Sciences of the University of Havana, Cuba, in 2005. He further completed his post-graduate training in Internal Medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and his fellowship in Endocrinology and Metabolism at North Shore University Hospital, both in New York. After graduating from his fellowship, he joined the faculty of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City and served as the Director of the Hospital Diabetes and Endocrinology Service at Mount Sinai St’ Luke Hospital in New York.

Dr. Galindo joined the faculty of Emory University in 2017, to work with his mentor, Dr. Guillermo E. Umpierrez, as a clinical researcher on diabetes. Dr. Galindo is currently a Principal Investigator of the Center for Diabetes y Metabolism at Emory University Hospital Midtown and is also the Chair of the Hospital Diabetes Taskforce Group for Emory Healthcare.

Dr. Galindo has been involved and served on several committees of national organizations. He is currently the President-elect of the Georgia AACE Chapter and the Vice-Chair of the Diabetes State Committee for AACE. Dr. Galindo is a current writing member of the “Guidelines for the Management of Diabetes” of AACE, and also a writing author for the “Consensus Guidelines Meeting for the Use of Diabetes Technology in the Hospital” of the Diabetes Technology Society.

Dr. Galindo’s areas of clinical and research interest include management of diabetes in patients with advanced renal failure or post-transplant diabetes, and in hospitalized patients. He is very interested in using diabetes technology in these populations, and has several ongoing research projects on the use of CGM technology on these populations. Dr. Galindo’s research has been published at leading journals in the field, including: Endocrine Reviews, Diabetes Care, BMJ Diabetes Research and Care, Endocrine Practice, Journal of the American Surgical Society and others.

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