Youth Initiative

It is an intensive, one-day workshop designed for first-generation college-bound Latino students who want to level up and lead.

Our mission is to advance the educational attainment of first-generation college-bound Latino students by providing them with the systems, tools, and resources necessary for a successful academic and career path.

Latinos are the largest and most rapidly growing ethnic minority in the country, but, academically, we are still suffering the effects of segregation, racism, and lack of opportunity that leaves our educational attainment far behind other non-Hispanic peers. With a lagging national college completion of only 22.6 percent of Latino Americans ages 25 to 64 holding a two-year college degree or higher in 2016.

Our college attainment gap is nearly a 25 percentage point between Latinos and White adults. This alarming disparity in educational attainment dates back to the founding of LULAC national. It was then, as it is now, a central focus point of LULAC’s mission.

We are a group of educators and leaders helping first-generation Latinos students succeed. We know what is like not to be seen, to have our skills and experiences overlooked. We have had opportunities taken away from us because of who we are and this is why we created the Youth Initiative to help you navigate your academic career success.

You are right where you belong.

Finally, there’s a community that gets it, the trials and tribulations we face as first-generation students navigating the twist and turns of life and career success. We too have felt alone in the journey, we have been lost trying to get ahead, excluded from opportunity and possibility. Our community is here to change that.

Who is it for?

This program is for first-generation high school students navigating the confusing and difficult world of academic and career success.

Anyone who seeks to grow, share and maximize their skills and experiences for a successful career path. The Youth Seminar It's designed for people who want to see and be seen. It is for students who want to get ahead of the curve. Is that you?

One Workshop can change everything

Learn the processes of:

  • Preparing: How to implement the right strategy to maximize career opportunities
  • Selecting:How to select the right educational institution for you
  • Applying: Learn how to maximize your chances of being picked
  • Enrolling: Learn the step by step enrolling process from recruiters themselves
  • Adapting: Learn how to adopt a posture of change in your career
  • Completing: Learn to have a winning strategy for achieving success

We provide the tools, tactics, and resources that work for you. With over 90 years of experience leading the civil rights movement in education for Hispanics. We have developed a world-class experience and network with some of the most widely-recognized and well-respected leaders and educators in the Hispanic community. We combine all of their knowledge and provide it for you for free.

Follow the journey of students, instructors and our own staffers from “what am I doing?” to life-changing clarity about their future.

You are not alone.

Life is hard, and it is even harder when you are doing it all alone. You don’t have to. We are a community committed to understanding your needs and your unique path to success.

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Mar 17, 2020

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