2017 Emerge Scholarship Recipients

Angelica Duque
2nd Year Political Studies/Medicine Double Major
Biology Minor
University of Miami
I believe that diversity in representation ensures fair and just policy implementation for
everyone– especially Latino and minority communities.
Ashley Toruno
4th Year Public Policy Major
Spanish Minor
Indiana University Bloomington
Inspired by the resilient successes of my mother, who despite facing great adversity achieved
a better life for our family in the U.S., instilled in me lies profound motivation to empower
the Latino community. I aspire to impact my community by breaking down barriers that create
obstacles to equal success for marginalized communities.
Carina Rodriguez Jaimes
4th Year Psychology Major
Colorado College
I choose to make myself heard because mi gente has been silenced for too long.
Cristobal Villegas
Graduate Student
Master of Public Administration
University of Utah
Showing up is half the fight, the other half is speaking up. If we don't speak up, others will speak
for us causing our stories to be rewritten.
Dariann Rickerson
3rd Year
Hunter College
I have been inspired to do work that is bigger than myself: fighting the various systems of
oppression that are limiting my fellow brothers and sisters from receiving adequate health
and justice. Helping others gives my life purpose.
Felipe Galvis-Delgado
4th Year Political Studies Major
Pomona College
As a Latino immigrant, I have received countless opportunities that many other members
of my community have not. I feel it is my responsibility to help other Latinos empower
themselves to fight against the inequalities and discrimination our community faces.
Fernanda Herrera
4th Year
Samford University
As a child, I never saw anyone who looked like me in positions of power at my parents’ jobs,
at school, or in movies—this made me doubt that I could ever be a leader. Now, I have the
opportunity to take these positions myself and advocate for more representation so that
generations after us can better envision themselves as leaders and speak on behalf of their communities.
Ildefonso Celis
3rd Year Political Studies/Business Double Major
Arizona State University
As a Latino leader, I am driven by the opportunities to promote academic and personal
success, while emphasizing the importance of community service and civic engagement.
Isiah Iniguez
3rd Year Public Policy/Education Studies Double Major
Brown University
The system has failed people of color and other marginalized groups. I will not be a bystander.
We all deserve better schooling, health care, jobs, opportunities - an overall better life.
Jackeline Guillen
3rd Year Political Studies Major
Public Policy Minor
Syracuse University
I am an advocate because it’s easy to complain about what you don’t like but you can’t really
say you care about something unless you try to do something about it. If you want something to
change, you have to start somewhere
Jennifer Salcedo
3rd Year Business Major
Marketing Minor
Georgia Tech
A brighter future for the Latino community lies within education.
Jocelyn Gonzalez
5th Year Neuroscience Major
Political Studies Minor
University of California, Davis
We should never underestimate our advocacy; it has the power to make the differences
we envision for our communities.
Karla Rodriguez Beltran
4th Year English Major
Nevada State College
Mariana Garcia Medina
4th Year Political Science Major
Portland State University
Mi comunidad y los sacrificios de mi familia are my drive to be a leader who is actively
building others up, so that together we can achieve our dreams, give back to our community
and fight for equity and human rights
Merivet Lombera
2nd Year Public Relations/Physiology Double Major
Yakima Valley College
My siblings future, the struggle that our latinx community face and the need for mental health
and support based resources in higher education motivates me to be a latinx leader.
Nicolas Hernandez
Graduate Student
University of Texas at Dallas
What drives me to be a Latino leader is the guidance my mother has set for me in order for to
give back to the community, to excel in my abilities and with my experiences to help those in dire
need. For this and many more reasons, my mother is not only my greatest asset but of course my
role model as well.

Teach for America Scholar
Penelope Durand
5th Year Political Studies/Psychology Major
Goucher College
My mother is an immigrant who works hard to provide for me so that I can have a voice.
Now it’s my time to do the same for her and for others like her.
Ruben Lebron
5th Year Economics/Political Studies Double Major
Wichita State University
In 2060, Latinos will comprise a third of the U.S. population. If Latinos succeed, America will
Stephanie Gomez
5th Year History/Political Studies Double Major
University of Houston
The conditions of one’s birth do not dictate what the can or cannot accomplish. We are all
here because of the sacrifices of those before me, and I will continue to lay the groundwork for
the success of the Latino leaders that come after me.
Yessenia Cantero Hernandez
1th Year Pharmacology Major
Spanish Minor
Northern Kentucky University
I’m an advocate because if I didn’t stand up for myself and others like me, then who would?

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