Technological Justice: Continuing Digital Inclusion for Latinos with Redemtech

By Jossie Flor Sapunar on 08/09/2012 @ 03:30 PM

How often do we think about the evolution of communication? The digital era has brought forth an information revolution with technology making communications instantaneous and effortless. In today’s world, 500 million people have a Facebook account. People send more than 140 Tweets per day. You’re in front of a computer right now.

As technology has sped up, not everyone has kept up. One-third of Americans – 100 million people – haven’t adopted broadband at home. They have dried out in a barren desert of print-only sources, rigidly sticking to print newspapers, brochures, and books, or, most disturbingly, they have been unable to transition because of external barriers. Nearly 60% of low-income households do not have a desktop or laptop computer and 36% of Americans without broadband cite the cost of a computer as a major barrier to adoption. Among Latinos, about 50% have a broadband connection, compared with nearly 70% of the general population.

LULAC however is adaptable. Because we are made up of passionate volunteers, staff, and partners, working through a nationwide network of grassroots councils, we can adapt to the world around us because we are the world around us! United as an organization, we in conjunction with partners like Redemtech help Latinos help themselves.

In an attempt to close the gaping hole of technology need, the announcement of computing recycling company Redemtech was enthusiastically received.  200 refurbished computers will be donated for LULAC to use in their technology centers that work to provide counseling services, job skills, and literacy training to students, parents, and low-income students, all free of charge.

Annually, more than 17 million used-but-still-useful corporate PCs go to waste due to premature disposal or warehouse shelving. Redemtech commercially recycles computers and other technology that businesses no longer need and addresses the associated risks of donation like data security, environmental compliance, and software licensing. The same security precautions that they take with computers of banking institutions and of large insurance companies will be applied to your donated computer.

Why don’t you reach out to donate your unused technology today? Put it to good use by clicking here for more info.


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