Resolution to Urge the Government of Texas to Accept the Federal Money

WHEREAS, 84 years ago, the founders of the League of Latin American Citizens, (LULAC) joined together to establish an organization that would become the largest, oldest and successful Hispanic civil rights and service organization in the United States, and

WHEREAS, the federal government will grant moneys to the States of the Union in order to fulfill the federal healthcare mandate recently enacted into law; and

WHEREAS, the State of Texas refuses to accept such funds, and

WHEREAS, there are over 35 million people uninsured in the State of Texas, and

WHEREAS, most of the uninsured are Hispanics, and

BE IT RESOLVED, that LULAC District IV strongly urges the government of Texas to accept the federal money offered.
We would also urge assurance from the Federal government that the share of the state will not increase more than surpass 10 percent, as was originally offered by the federal government.

Approved this 22nd day of June 2013.

Margaret Moran
LULAC National President

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