Resolution to Remove School Test Score Funding

WHEREAS, 84 years ago, the founders of the League of Latin American Citizens, (LULAC) joined together to establish an organization that would become the largest, oldest and successful Hispanic civil rights and service organization in the United States, and

WHEREAS, Funding our public educational system is based largely upon test scores, children and teachers are put through pressure to meet these test scores, which result in many instances of inaccurate achievement, which deny students proper assistance to truly learn their subject matter , and

WHEREAS, Reduction in funds allocated to our public schools has been greatly reduced, which causes elementary, high schools, and high learning institutions to seek funding from outside sources. Due to budget cuts, many important programs have been cut or eliminated. Programs such as art, music, and physical education all needed for a child’s cognitive development have been replaced at an early age by more academia, in order to meet test score standards , and

WHEREAS, Large corporations have given significant funding to institutions of higher learning. By adding certain requirements for the institutions of higher learning to obtain these funds, corporations can now have a say and influence what is taught, what books to be used, who is hired to teach, and who should run and manage these institutions , and

WHEREAS, Our universities and colleges have always been a place where an individual has the freedom to express and be exposed to the interchange of ideas, which is crucial to the preservation of our democracy,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, LULAC should strongly advocate that the current method to allocate funds to our public schools based on test scores be eliminated, and be replaced with a method which rates the quality of curriculum adapted to the specific needs of students in each community, quality of instructors ability and vocation , and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, Duns be allocated to the arts programs, which are an essential part of child development through their education; that schools and universities be placed as a top priority of our government’s budget; that legislation be put in place, that corporations who donate large funding to our universities and colleges be forbidden from dictating what is taught, what books should be used, or who teaches or runs our educational institutions; and that our public school system should be for the people and by the people.

Approved this 22nd day of June 2013.

Margaret Moran
LULAC National President

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