Restoration of the Small Business Administration Micro Loan Program to the 2011 Budget

WHEREAS, the League of United Latin American Citizens is this nation’s oldest and largest Latino organization, founded in Corpus Christi, Texas on February 17, 1929; and

WHEREAS, LULAC throughout its history has committed itself to the principles that Latinos have equal access to opportunities in employment, education, housing and healthcare; and

WHEREAS, the United States Mexico Border our economy and micro business play an important role; and

WHEREAS, the present border region is under dire economic stress due to (the peso devaluation, gangs, border violence, drug cartels, passport and visa regulations) demise of the remise from Mexican workers in the Unites States. Also, seriously affect the economy on both sides of the border; and

WHEREAS, all of these negative economic factors have seriously impacted the micro businesses on the border; and

WHEREAS, the SBA micro business intermediaries have toiled to keep their existing portfolio of business from suffering economic ruin due to the fairly economy. Technical assistance and advice has been critical to their survival as opposed to meeting aggressive loan objectives; and

WHEREAS, in the United States 60% of the jobs in the United States are among micro businesses with employees of five or less. According to the Small Business Administration micro businesses are the “engine” of our United States economy. In Mexico, 85% of the jobs are among these micro business; and

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, LULAC applauds the existing border area SBA micro businesses intermediaries for their dedicated efforts to keep the micro businesses afloat due to their technical assistance. LULAC also encourages these intermediary lenders with technical assistance funds to support these efforts until the economic crisis diminishes.

FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED, that this resolution be adopted at the Arizona State LULAC Convention and forwarded to the national LULAC Convention to become a national legislative priority

Approved this 1st day of July 2011.

Margaret Moran
LULAC National President