Continual Funding and Reauthorization of the United States Department of Labor National Farmworker Job Training

WHEREAS, farmworkers toil the fields to put food on our nation's tables, and

WHEREAS, these (adults and youth) farmworkers desperately need job training and affordable housing; and

WHEREAS, USDOL does not presently fund the Rocky Mountain States region for farm labor housing programs, farmworker youth programs nationwide and Youth Build in lower Yuma County; and

WHEREAS, USDOL by not funding these two critical programs that directly affect the productivity of US agribusiness now and in the future; and

WHEREAS, 5.1 million primarily Latino farmworkers will be positively affected if funding is made available; thereby, creating hundreds of housing jobs and preparing our youth for green jobs; and

THEREFORE, we request that President Obama fund the National Farmworker Job Training and Housing program to $124,000,000 for adults, $20,000,000 for migrant youth and $1,000,000 for farm labor housing technical assistance to the 2011 budget.

Approved this 1st day of July 2011.

Margaret Moran
LULAC National President