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2012 Early Voting Calendar

State Early Voting
Absentee Ballot Request Deadline Last Day to Register Secretary of State
Alabama N/A November 1st October 27th here
Alaska October 27nd - Election Day  October 22nd (in person);
October 27th (by mail)
October 7th here
Arizona October 4th - November 2nd October 27th October 8th here
Arkansas October 29th - November 3rd; November 5th (by 5 pm) October 31st (mail);
November 5th (in person); November 6th (Authorized Agent by 7:30 pm ON election day); 
October 7th here
California October 8th - Election Day October 30th October 22nd here
Colorado October 22nd - November 2nd  October 22th October 8th here
Connecticut N/A N/A October 23rd;
October 30th (in person)
Delaware N/A November 5th (noon) October 13th here
District of Columbia October 22nd - November 3rd October 9th October 26th here
Florida October 22nd - November 2nd  October 31st October 9th here
Georgia October 22nd - November 4th  November 2nd October 9th here
Hawaii October 23rd - November 3rd October 30th  October 8th (by 4:30 pm) here
Idaho Ballots are Available - November 5th  October 31st (mail);
November 5th (in person);
November 6th (in person absentee)
October 12th
(Election Day Registration is available)
Illinois October 15th - November 1st    November 1st (by mail);
November 5th (in person)
October 9th here
Indiana October 4th - Election Day November 5th (in person) October 9th here
Iowa September 27th - November 1st November 2nd October 27th here
Kansas October 30th - Election Day; or: October 17th - Election Day (depending on county) November 2nd October 16th here
Kentucky N/A October 30th  October 9th here
Louisiana October 23 - October 30 November 2nd October 9th here
Maine Ballots are Available - Election Day October 28th October 16th (mail); May register to vote at any time, including on Election Day. Register in person at your town office or city hall during business hours. here
Maryland October 27th - November 1st  October 30th October 16th here
Massachusetts N/A November 5th (before noon) October 17th here
Michigan N/A November 3rd (before 2pm); November 5th (in person at Clerk's Office before 4 pm)   October 9th here
Minnesota N/A No final day to apply.  October 16th; Can register on election day but must provide proof of residence. here
Mississippi N/A March 12th (mail);
March 10th (person)
October 7th here
Missouri N/A October 31st October 10th here
Montana October 7th - Election Day November 5th (before noon) October 9th here
Nebraska July 3 - October 29th October 31st (by 4pm) October 19th
(post marked or hand delivered);
October 26th (in person).
Nevada October 20th - November 2nd October 30th October 6th (by mail postmarked);
October 16th (in person)
New Hampshire N/A N/A  November 6th (may register up to day of election in person) here
New Jersey November 5th (Anyone may vote "absentee in-person" at the county clerk's office up until 3 pm) October 30th October 16th here
New Mexico October 20th - November 3rd  November 1st   October 9th (in person or post marked) here
New York October 5th - November 5th October 30th (by mail);
November 5th (delivered) 
October 12th (post marked no later than)
October 17th (received no later than);
October 26th (in person)
North Carolina  October 18th - November 2nd October 30th October 12th here
North Dakota October 22nd  November 5th; No set deadline (however, ballot must be returned by said date) No deadline here
Ohio October 2nd - November 5th November 3rd (by mail);
November 5th (in person) 
October 9th here
Oklahoma November 2nd, 3rd & 5th October 31st (must be in the hands of the County Election Board no later than 5 pm -- postmark on that date will not suffice). October 12th here
Oregon N/A N/A October 16th here
Pennsylvania N/A October 30th;
November 2 (Emergency Application for Absentee Ballot)
October 7th here
Rhode Island N/A October 16th ( before 4 pm) October 7th here
South Carolina N/A November 2nd (by mail); November 5th (in person, until 5 pm) October 6th here
South Dakota November 5th November 6th (3 pm) October 22nd here
Tennessee October 17th - November 1st October 30th October 9th here
Texas October 20th - November 2nd October 30th October 9th here
Utah October 23rd - November 2nd (at 5pm) November 2nd October 9th (mail);
October 22nd (in person & online)
Vermont October 7th  - November 5th November 5th October 31st here
Virginia N/A  November 1st (mail);
November 5th (in person)
October 15th here
Washington N/A August 8th (special);
October 17th (normal)
October 8th (mail);
October 29th (in person)
West Virginia October 17th - November 3rd October 31st (mail);  October 16th here
Wisconsin Through Absentee Voting  November 1st (mail);
November 5th (in person)
October 17th here
Wyoming September 27th - Election Day (through absentee) November 6th (must apply and submit by Election Day) October 23rd (however can register after that until Election Day) here

* Information gathered from Secretary of State Offices for all US States & Election Protection (
* Compiled by the LULAC National Office

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