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Past Presidents

Mauro M. Machado

5th president - elected at the 1933 convention. Served one term. DECEASED

Mauro M. Machado earned the accolade of being LULAC's organizer. Here is what LULAC News said about him: "Mauro M. Machado was one of the stalwarts of LULAC…One of those cornerstones on which the building of LULAC was laid and cemented for all time…

In the pressure and hurry of everyday life, we may momentarily overlook…or seemingly forget…what Mauro did and stood for…but not for long.

His work will stand forever in the annals of LULAC, his name and everlasting part of the History of LULAC, as one of its immortals.

Upon his deathbed, on the very brink of the grave, his last thoughts were for LULAC…His last breath was a prayer; his last words a benediction and an appeal: Keep up the work of LULAC…

We remember Mauro…working all day to make a living for himself and his family…using every minute of his spare time writing letters…writing letters…always writing letters…for LULAC…

San Antonio Council #2, during our formative years, was instrumental in the organization and establishment of 85 percent of the councils of LULAC. This was true because of the contacts made by Mauro Machado…

He knew leaders in practically every community in our great Southwest…knew them by their first names. That was the secret of his success. That is why he will forever stand high as the Organizer for LULAC…"

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